• Polecats ready to represent NSW Tertiary

    The Polecats are ready to represent NSW Tertiary after 8 players were named in the side to take on Qld Tertiary at Blacktown Workers this Saturday 24 August with kick off 1.30pm.


    So let get down to support NSW when they take on Qld.


    NSW Tertiary Students Representative Side

    1. Nicholas Khoury – Cumberland
    2. Micah Vaki-Leong – UTS
    3. Tom Windeatt – UTS
    4. Riki Willie – TAFE NSW
    5. Jason Hanna – UWS
    6. Tori Willie – TAFE NSW
    7. Jake Vrahnos – Sydney University
    8. Bruce Faufili – TAFE NSW
    9. Shane Brown (c) – TAFE NSW
    10. Nawruz Kanogata’a – UWS
    11. Harry King – UTS
    12. Shiem Fuimaono – TAFE NSW
    13. Troy Dargin – UTS
    14. Brady Webb – UTS
    15. Greg Cranney – TAFE NSW
    16. Iszak Taalili – TAFE NSW
    17. Chris Teuma – Cumberland
    18. Matt Thomas – TAFE NSW


    Coach: Matt Olsen – UTS
    Asst Coach: Dennis Curry – TAFE NSW
    Physio: Travis Cuscana – UTS
    Trainer: Ryan Elson – Non-aligned
    Manager: Bob Henderson – Non-aligned

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    The Cats are havin a Parr-rrty!

    We did it! We are the champions my friends. 2019 Premiers are the TAFE NSW Polecats.


    This is the last match report for 2019- and it’s the best one to have to write and take you on the journey through the day.


    Pre-game: The day didn’t start off too well as the bus was about 40 minutes late picking up players form various localities. When the bus arrived, the players could see it was a party bus. It was decked out with a dance floor. There were platters made available by events n co which kept the hunger at bay and bottles of water to keep hydrated.


    It was interesting to see that the preparation of the players was divided into two distinct groups. The quiet solemn types sat at the front, whilst the loud people sat up the back, music blaring, laughing and carrying on.


    As the bus pulled in to Belmore everyone suddenly put their game faces on and the Polecats were ready for the big one. Coach Curry did his inspirational pre-game speech in the home sheds and the boys were ready for action.


    It was a windy day with lots of cold air blowing around, but the sun was out.


    Kick off: UTS won the toss and chose to receive the ball.


    As soon as the Polecats got the ball they looked dangerous. It wasn’t long before fullback Ben Faimoto dived over 5 minutes into the game to in the left corner just in time to get off the Nudie run. The howling wind prevented the conversion and a short time later the Polecats dived over again thanks to Ricki Willie. Ricki the outright leading try scorer had just equalled most points for the season with this effort. “Just like that!” he was heard saying as the boys congratulated him. It seemed too easy early on for the Polecats. You could feel the momentum had fully swung the Polecats way.


    Much like the Major semi-final, UTS had no answer to the Polecats left side which were running riot. But once again the Polecats missed the goal as a Gale blew through the grounds. The sideline commented excitedly, that that if the Polecats held on to possession, that this was going to be a day of total domination. 


    As many a grand final has played out in the past, teams don’t just give up. They always show resilience and come back. UTS shrugged the two tries off from the Polecats and came back with the next try in the corner after sustained pressure attacking the Polecats line. Despite the Polecats dominating early, the score would have only been as close as 8-6 with a conversion, and all of a sudden there could have been a real challenge. As luck would have it the wind also blew the UTS conversion wide and the score remained 8-4.


    The scoreboard slowed down as penalties against the Polecats in the UTS half seemed to help them out of trouble on numerous occasions. It took until the 33rd minute for Vice captain Daniel Arona to dive over. The score was now 14 -4 with the first successful conversion. Dylan Kata regained the mantle of leading points-scorer for the season back off his team mate Ricki.


    An unexpected  head injury to winger Marcell Curry saw Cyrus Murray take the field. A remarkable recovery from a fractured skull early in the season. The Polecats stepped up their toughness in defence and UTS were beginning to lose players through injury. With so many going down one wondered whether UTS had the depth on the bench to challenge the Polecats.


    As the siren sounded at halftime the message in the sheds was simple; the coach calmed the team down and reminded them to focus on their games. The team got up determined they were ready to finish the job!


    2nd Half: The Polecats received off the kick off, but the game continued to be stalled by even more injuries. Eventually in the 42nd minute the Polecats went to their right side and gave a ball to centre Matt Thomas. Matty used his left arm to hold the defence at bay whilst he planted the ball in the corner. After a successful conversion the score was now 20-4.


    At this stage you thought there was no way that UTS could get 3 converted tries. But the penalties kept coming, and played UTS back into the game. UTS attacked the Polecats line relentlessly but the Polecats never gave up in defence. Once again the UTS players began to collapse with injury. One player going down with no one in sight, seemed to be hit by sniper.


    Eventually, despite all the penalties and injuries the Polecats got up the other end of the field and received a penalty. It was their captain Shane brown who dived over to seal the match in the 54th minute. The conversion made it 26-4.


    The Polecats held out UTS for the rest of the match. To UTS credit they did their best under the circumstances with injuries and were respectful.


    After the game the players erupted led by VC Daniel Arona with a new song for the playbook “The cats are havin a party, the cats are havin a parrrty! Aaand where goin on the bus! Were goin on the bus”


    Well done to all those involved players, committee, coaching staff and sponsors. POLECATS 2019 PREMIERS!


    To view all the photos from the day, click here or the photo below.

    2019 Premiers

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  • Grand Final: Polecats Preview

    Grand Final Day, it’s one match in the season that every rugby league player aspires to be in, next to their mates with the chance to lift the trophy high after the full-time siren sounds. And this year the greatest rivalry in the NSW Tertiary Students Rugby League competition history is set to write another chapter when the TAFE NSW Polecats take on the UTS Wanderers for the University Cup this Saturday at Belmore Sports Ground.


    As we wander through the history of Polecats v UTS grand finals, they first meet each other in the big dance in 1995 and this week it will make the 11th time the Polecats will face off against UTS in the GF, with Polecats lifting the trophy 4 times, while UTS having claimed 6 times against their rivals, but in recent history the Polecats have claimed 3 of those titles in the last 4 grand finals against UTS.


    Fast forward to 2019 and now we see the minor premiers UTS taking 2nd placed Polecats, while Polecats blew UTS off the park in the qualifying final defeating them 26 points to 6, to halt UTS’s undefeated run, with an aggressive and structured game plan. UTS bounced back destroying Sydney Uni last week, amassing a huge 52 points to 12 scoreline, with devastating attacking raids out wide against a tired Sydney Uni.


    With Polecats pack having the ability bust a line wide open, with there big men through the middle along, with their high flyers out wide, the Polecats will look to continue their dominance from the first weeks final come kick-off. While UTS with their small and mobile pack will be looking to take advantage of any lapse in the Polecats defence.


    Dennis Curry Polecats Coach “Today, I will be looking for the boys to get those little things right and the rest will follow, I have known we have had the team to go all way after day one at preseason training and today will hope delivery it to all of our sponsors, fans, family and friends!”


    So with the Polecats going for its title 18 and a host of old boys heading down, make sure you wander down to Belmore and turn the Blue and White of the Dogs home ground to Polecats Blue, White and Black and cheer the boys to another championship against the old foes.


    Don’t worry if can’t make it, you can keep up to date with live update at www.polecats.com.au/live or www.fb.com/polecatsrl and www.instagram.com/polecatsrl





    Grand Final


    1st Division – University Cup
    TAFE NSW Polecats vs. UTS Wanderers
    Date: Saturday 10/8/2019
    Venue: Belmore Sports Ground
     2:30 pm


    Entry: Adults $10, Kids $5


    TAFE NSW Polecats


    1. Benjamin Faimoto
    2. Marcell Curry
    3. Matt Thomas
    4. Riki Willie
    5. Ereisky Papalii
    6. Tori Willie
    7. Dylan Kata
    8. Bruce Faufili
    9. Shane Brown
    10. Daniel Arona
    11. Greg Cranney
    12. Shiem Fuimaono
    13. Tim Curley


    14. Cyrus Murray
    16. Iszak Taalili
    17. Alfred Tasesa Iva
    18. Ben Keary
    19. Ben Carter
    20. Tyler Longmire
    21. Kyale Desena
    22. Scott Brown
    23. Jayden Raja
    * Two to be omitted


    Coach – Dennis Curry


    Trainers – Chris Thompson, Peter Lamey, Kieran Shanahan

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    The Story So Far…..

    This week we take some time to reflect on the 2019 season so far and the job that is still ahead. This year was a rebuild for the Polecats, many of last year’s new recruits came down to play for the new coach Dennis Curry. The Polecats became a true family club again with many of the Coaches family joining the squad. But it was not an easy start to the season, As Coach Dennis Curry reflects.


    “We started off competing in the Nines tournament which we played well up until our Main Weapon from our 2018 Polecats team (Cyrus Murray) was injured and taken to hospital with a suspected Fractured Skull. We lost our semi-final in the Nines and I was later informed that Cyrus would be out for the Season, as (Peter Lamey) our president rang me to confirm the bad news of the Injury. To me losing our best attacking weapon from last year’s team, for the season, was the worst start to the year I could have hoped for. Being my first year of coaching I took his injury pretty hard.”


    Thankfully from a devastating injury came hope as the team galvanised and raised money for Cyrus. This was an initiative put forward by the coach and it helped to unite the new squad as a playing group.


    “I made a decision from that point that any of my players that was injured during the season I would make it compulsory to raise money to help that player with any financial help we could raise.” (Coach Curry)


    However, like many a season before the injury woes continued as more star recruits suffered major injuries. Despite this the group united once again and continued to raise money for the players as often they could not work due to the injuries. A tough mid-season win against Sydney University was the major turning point for the team according to Coach Curry.


    “It was played like a semi-final game with both sides bashing the hell out of each other. We played with a new halves combination as we lost our playmaker Tori Willie for most of the start of the year with a hamstring injury. Big Deeza and Big Shy punched holes through the Sydney University defence all game and our OLD VETERAN Cranney Whacked Sydney in defence which set us up for a well earned victory. That win was the start of our Brotherhood.” (Coach Curry)


    That victory came at a major cost for the Polecats as they lost their game breaker Joseph ‘Sefa’ Mapasua with a ruptured Achilles and in-form backrower Joel Bollard with a shattered scapula. Despite these setbacks the Polecats managed to pull out their best performance in the major semi-final against UTS to make the Grand final. However, the team is not being complacent and know the real job is on Saturday.


    We end this story with the Final word from Coach Curry.


    “I’ve enjoyed it a lot as a Coach and I’ve met players throughout the season who I now consider Brothers. I’m not going to thank anyone yet as my job as Coach isn’t done Yet!



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  • Bashing our way to Belmore!

    The Trip to Leichhardt: The new M4 extension has done wonders for the Polecats players. Usually, an hour to an hour and a half trip is now reduced to 25 -45 minutes. There is still the additional 20 minutes to find a car space at Blackmore oval. This is made more difficult to do without running over an old lady’s poodle or backing into a jogger’s spandex activewear. This writer managed to park his car between 2 trees perilously close to the canal after being rejected a UTS car space by obnoxious UTS officials.


    The Kick-off: The UTS Wanderers were focused and came to play. Unlike previous seasons there were no extra players who had miraculously appeared for finals. The team was the same team we had played all year round (Including ex-Polecat Westo).


    Usually there is a gale-force wind at Blackmore oval which blows any kick-off high in the air. In an attempt to adjust for the wind, Torrie Willie kicked the ball so hard he cleared the field. UTS got a penalty at halfway. Not the perfect start. The Polecats were not prepared for this, as an enthusiastic UTS side dived over within the 1st minute.


    The scoreboard went haywire as the bench scrambled to adjust the time and score. From that point on the scoreboard went haywire for a different reason, as the Polecats stepped up their game to bump up the score.


    The Talk behind the posts: The talk behind the posts from Daniel ‘Deezer’ Arona was inspiring because off the next Kick off there were no prisoners taken. Shiem Fuinoa destroyed the ball carrier and Cranney took his legs home as a souvenir. This set the tone for the rest of the match. The Polecats were relentless. The side was energised by the ferocious contact.


    After a couple of sets, Torrie Wille made up for the kick-off by running over under the post in the 6th minute with some swift footwork that RTS would be jealous of.


    From this point forward it was a grind as the Polecats defended their line after a few mistakes. The sets went back and forth until in the 33rd minute Shiem Fuinoa -in fantastic form- ran a short line to dive over with sheer power.


    It was 12-6 with 2 minutes before halftime and UTS regathered the ball. Once again the Polecats showed their never-say-die attitude with some die-hard scrambling defence to hold the UTS side out at halftime.


    The Game breaker: As the game went on you could sense that the Polecats were going breakthrough as they won all the little battles on the field. To UTS’ credit they held out until some game breaking brilliance. A cross field kick from Torrie Wille and Erisky Papali who had a solid game on the wing caught the ball and scored in the 46th minute to put the Polecats up 16-6.


    The Senior Citizen: The UTS team, now in despair, reverted to name-calling to try to overcome the Polecats. A younger player from UTS called Polecats veteran Greg Cranney “the Senior citizen”. You could hear Cranney’s eyeballs turning round from the sideline as Greg “Senior Citizen” Cranney seemed to shed 20 years off his life and went on a campaign to teach the young buck a lesson.


    The UTS line began to crumble after this point.


    The screaming benchy: The bench rotation was inspiring to watch. Everyone knew that even if they had a small role to play that they would make sure that when they got on the field, they ran as much as they could and tackled as much as they could to help the team. Ben Keary inspired the boys with a gallant run. However, Tyler Longmire came up with the run of the day screaming like a Banshee or in this case a benchy, before hitting the enemy shoulders. This run energised the team. Not long after this, Polecats leading try-scorer Ricky Willie ran over to make it 20-6.


    The Polecats weren’t done yet as they inflicted more pain when Erisky “Risky” Papali dived over for his second try of the day to make it 26-6. The sideline went wild with the knowledge they had bashed their way to Belmore.


    Grand Final Day

    TAFE NSW Polecats vs. winner of UTS and Sydney Uni
    Date: Saturday 10/8/2019
    Venue: Belmore Sports Ground
    2:30 pm

    Entry: Adults $10, Kids $5


    Let us know your coming by clicking our facebook below or here!

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    Farewell to Polecats Stadium

    This week the second-placed TAFE NSW Polecats, play the First placed UTS Wanders at Leichhardt. This matchup will be the first game of the 2019 Semifinal Series. It is an important match for the Polecats as they fight for a spot in the Grand final. The loser will have to play the winner of 3rd vs 4th semi-final for the final spot in the GF.


    It is also another milestone this week, as the Polecats will bid farewell to the hallowed turf of Kellyville Oval Number 2. The construction of the much anticipated Polecats Stadium and state of the art training facility has already begun and will be completed by November.


    No longer will players have to train whilst the cricket pitch is returfed. No longer will players have to endure Oval number two! Polecats player have often remarked that “Oval number 2” is a perfect name because it looks like a big fat Number 2. The oval is a quagmire of mud and potholes. The oval is also covered in small bindi and mulga shrubs that can rip the skin off your face. Even the Goalposts on number 2 look like they could be felled by the ricochet from a Steeden.


    This week the oval was levelled and trees removed. The next stage will be the destruction of the dressing sheds.


    It brings a tear to the eye of this reporter to think of all the memories that have been made at this ground. Memories like the countless Nudie runs…


    At season’s end, Polecats players got confused in the festivities and did the nudie run even though they had scored tries that season. There were the nudie runs where players refused to get re-dressed afterwards. The Polecats committee were then forced to burn the chairs they sat on for sanitary purposes.


    No one will forget the time one rogue player turned up with a motorised esky and did laps of the oval only to be apprehended by Police.


    The fancy dress outfits at season end, whilst breathtaking, were often unreturnable after those end of season gatherings. Upon inspection at the costume shop, they really did take your breath away. they stunk!


    No one can forget the chant of “real men- do it again, real men- do it again” when we hosted the Welsh university rugby league side to a boat race.


    The sheds? Who can forget the sheds. The showers themselves could tell a story or two. One club Legend would throw up there before every game due to nerves. That same shower was also where other club legends threw up before games because they overdid their Friday night pre-game preparation. That same shower was also used in other ways… when; as one player (who will remain nameless, for legal purposes)- coined the term ‘life or death’ situations occurred.


    In the early days, the sheds were like Dutch ovens where some players smoked durries at Halftime and full time. One player got so used to the atmosphere he thought it would be a good idea at the end of the season to bring a fire pit into the sheds to keep warm. He was probably trying to conjure up that familiar sense of cigarettes in the change room. Luckily the other players dragged him out before he expired. After a few coughs, he was back to normal and was revived with a healthy dose of VB.


    The fondest memories of these change rooms will be the victory songs that have rung out over the years. The banging of the Esky like a war drum, The racket and profanities so loud that the other team in the opposition change room couldn’t escape the roar. This scene was made even more embarrassing by the message above the opposition change room, which was labelled “Gays” written in chalk long ago by some local Kellyville comedian.


    It is the end of an era. President Pete is gearing up for his final rub down and the last call for Rego money or else! is being sent out. Farewell Polecats stadium


    Thomas Keneally “Blow that whistle ref” 1999



    Match Day Details
    First Division: TAFE NSW Polecats vs. UTS Wanderers
    Kick-off: 1:30 pm
    Ground: Blackmore Oval
    Hashtag: #POLvUTS

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  • TAFE NSW Rugby League-Promoting Education in 2019  

    The TAFE NSW Polecats are committed to promoting education in the Tertiary Students Rugby League. For the uninitiated, the NSW Tertiary Student Rugby League competition was created to allow students the opportunity to play rugby league. The competition runs on a points system. Full-time students studying at the tertiary institution are zero points. Whilst players who do not study are 11 points. This system restricts the number of non-students playing in the league.


    Since 1971 The TAFE NSW Polecats have been participating in the Tertiary Rugby League. During that time the Polecats have seen many students playing rugby league whilst studying and representing the Polecats.


    This Year the Polecats committee stepped up their efforts to promote education amongst potential Polecats players. Potential students were informed about courses which they might benefit from in their profession.


    So far this season 5 players have enrolled in TAFE NSW courses to help gain better skills for their future and get certified. The reality is that these students would not have opted to improve their skills without the TAFE NSW Polecats Rugby League club. Accounting, Business, Training and Assessment are just some of the courses now being completed by Polecats players.

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    Player Stats and the Braveheart Nudie Run 2019

    For those of us that are not as gifted at Rugby League as others… There is a tradition that must be upheld. This ritual is a combination of a fun-run in the park and the lifestyle of a naturist. That’s right it’s the nudie run.


    The criteria are simple; one must score a try to avoid this end of season humiliation. The punishment for occupying space on a Rugby League field, whilst contributing nothing to the team; is to imitate the great Australian sprinter Matt Shirvington in a loin-bruising nudie run.


    It is a rite of passage for famous rugby league players like, Tim Mannah and Daniel Alvaro who no one alive, can ever remember scoring a try. Sometimes it is passed down from generation to generation. Sometimes from father to son. On occasion, there are brothers in the same family where one is brilliant. But the other brother spends every offseason in shameful nudity atoning for their sins. “Sometimes genetics just aren’t fair” they are heard muttering as they jog on.


    In the past, there have been missing person reports filed for people at this time of year, as people with no ability vanish with raffle money and end up on milk cartons.


    One of the original nude-runners of note was the legendary ‘Pinder’. Mr Pinder was the founder of the Pinder cup, for ‘excellence in Nothing’. Many Nudie-run participants have gone on to win the prestigious Pinder cup. But none will ever come close to Pinder’s exploits in promising everything but giving nothing on the field. Famously an illegal betting ring was started on the sidelines. You could bet on when Pinder would touch the ball or do a tackle. Of course, no one ever won.


    This year there are some familiar faces but there are always some surprises. The Coach and players are often left scratching their heads as to what went wrong.


    The good news is there is still a short time for these players to seek redemption. 2 games are remaining in the regular season.


    And before anyone asks, the answer is NO. Nines tournament tries and training tries do not count!


    This weekend the Polecats take on the Macquarie University Warriors. The Macquarie mascot is a Highlander from the film Braveheart. If the players want to avoid re-enacting a scene from the famous movie Braveheart they best get a move on. Otherwise, they will be imitating a disgusting Scotsmen with terrible hygiene and excessive body hair, lifting their kilts to reveal their Dirk and sporran on a green hill screaming FREEDOM!


    Good Luck Polecats. Humanity truly wants to avoid another Polecats Nudie run.


    Match Day Details
    First Division: TAFE NSW Polecats vs. Macquarie University
    Kick-off: 2:00pm
    Ground: Blackmore Oval
    Hashtag: #POLvMAC

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  • The Baitieri/Martin Cup is back

    After 4 years hiatus the Baitieri/Martin Cup is back as Cumberland Beavers head to Kellyville to take on the TAFE NSW Polecats in the league most fierce local darbies.


    The shield is named after Polecats Patron and former first grader (Parramatta/Cronulla Sutherland) John ‘Macca’ McMartin. John sadly passed away last year after a battle with cancer. Macca’s image still adorns the Polecats webpage, such is the loss the club wishes to acknowledge his contribution.


    The cup also recognises other former first grader Tas Baiteri (Canterbury-Bankstown) who is involved with the beavers and contributed greatly to the Tertiary Students Rugby League and NSW rugby league.


    The Polecats are proud to be able to honour Macca once again by contesting for this trophy. This is a great time to remember someone who gave so much time to Rugby League and the Polecats as the president and club patron.


    These clashes first began back in 2008 and have always been looked forward to on the calendar. The games traditionally showcase a tough but fair contest. Play is always in the spirit of how its namesakes would also have played Rugby league.


    Previous Cup Winners
    2008 – Norwest Polecats
    2009 – Cumberland Beavers
    2010 – Norwest Polecats
    2014 – Norwest Polecats
    2015 – Norwest Polecats (Match washed out)


    Match Day Details
    First Division: TAFE NSW Polecats vs. Cumberland Beaver
    Kick-off: 3:00pm
    Ground: Kellyville Park
    Hashtag: #POLvCUM

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    Vote 1 Polecats

    The match-up between the TAFE NSW Polecats and Macquarie University is always curious contest. Last year the Polecats were favourites to take out the 2nd grade cup only to falter to a slick and quick Macquarie University. The one thing Macquarie do have is pace and last year they used it to run around the Polecats pack. The second placed Polecats cannot afford to be complacent against a winless Macquarie. Coach Dennis Curry reminded the players at training of last year’s defeat at the hand of the Mac Warriors.  If the TAFE NSW Polecats are to be contenders for the title this year, they will need to use the TAFE NSW slogan of “Be ambitious” in 2019, and do the job on Saturday.


    The Polecats are coming off a tough loss to UTS where they suffered some injuries. It will important this week to showcase the depth of the Polecats in 2019.


    This week we return to Polecats stadium at Kellyville. Earlier in the week the media reported that in the coming years the Parramatta Eels will make Kellyville their home training base. This news means that Polecats stadium at Kellyville, will actually be a real stadium for the first time. Senior Polecats committee member Bob Lennox has already started negotiations to secure the Polecats tenure at the hallowed turf of Kellyville.



    This Saturday the Polecats will once again be opening their famous ‘POLECanTeen’. For the first time they will also be using a 360 camera to take some photos courtesy of TAFE NSW. So if you’re out voting in the federal election, come down afterwards for a BBQ at Kellyville and watch some footy.


    Match Day Details
    First Division: TAFE NSW Polecats v Macquarie University Warriors
    Kick-off: 3:00pm


    Ground: Kellyville Park
    Hashtag: #POLvMAC

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