Farewell to Polecats Stadium

This week the second-placed TAFE NSW Polecats, play the First placed UTS Wanders at Leichhardt. This matchup will be the first game of the 2019 Semifinal Series. It is an important match for the Polecats as they fight for a spot in the Grand final. The loser will have to play the winner of 3rd vs 4th semi-final for the final spot in the GF.


It is also another milestone this week, as the Polecats will bid farewell to the hallowed turf of Kellyville Oval Number 2. The construction of the much anticipated Polecats Stadium and state of the art training facility has already begun and will be completed by November.


No longer will players have to train whilst the cricket pitch is returfed. No longer will players have to endure Oval number two! Polecats player have often remarked that “Oval number 2” is a perfect name because it looks like a big fat Number 2. The oval is a quagmire of mud and potholes. The oval is also covered in small bindi and mulga shrubs that can rip the skin off your face. Even the Goalposts on number 2 look like they could be felled by the ricochet from a Steeden.


This week the oval was levelled and trees removed. The next stage will be the destruction of the dressing sheds.


It brings a tear to the eye of this reporter to think of all the memories that have been made at this ground. Memories like the countless Nudie runs…


At season’s end, Polecats players got confused in the festivities and did the nudie run even though they had scored tries that season. There were the nudie runs where players refused to get re-dressed afterwards. The Polecats committee were then forced to burn the chairs they sat on for sanitary purposes.


No one will forget the time one rogue player turned up with a motorised esky and did laps of the oval only to be apprehended by Police.


The fancy dress outfits at season end, whilst breathtaking, were often unreturnable after those end of season gatherings. Upon inspection at the costume shop, they really did take your breath away. they stunk!


No one can forget the chant of “real men- do it again, real men- do it again” when we hosted the Welsh university rugby league side to a boat race.


The sheds? Who can forget the sheds. The showers themselves could tell a story or two. One club Legend would throw up there before every game due to nerves. That same shower was also where other club legends threw up before games because they overdid their Friday night pre-game preparation. That same shower was also used in other ways… when; as one player (who will remain nameless, for legal purposes)- coined the term ‘life or death’ situations occurred.


In the early days, the sheds were like Dutch ovens where some players smoked durries at Halftime and full time. One player got so used to the atmosphere he thought it would be a good idea at the end of the season to bring a fire pit into the sheds to keep warm. He was probably trying to conjure up that familiar sense of cigarettes in the change room. Luckily the other players dragged him out before he expired. After a few coughs, he was back to normal and was revived with a healthy dose of VB.


The fondest memories of these change rooms will be the victory songs that have rung out over the years. The banging of the Esky like a war drum, The racket and profanities so loud that the other team in the opposition change room couldn’t escape the roar. This scene was made even more embarrassing by the message above the opposition change room, which was labelled “Gays” written in chalk long ago by some local Kellyville comedian.


It is the end of an era. President Pete is gearing up for his final rub down and the last call for Rego money or else! is being sent out. Farewell Polecats stadium


Thomas Keneally “Blow that whistle ref” 1999



Match Day Details
First Division: TAFE NSW Polecats vs. UTS Wanderers
Kick-off: 1:30 pm
Ground: Blackmore Oval
Hashtag: #POLvUTS

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