Polecats to discuss Cronk offer!

With the Polecats monthly meeting looming fast there is no doubt that at the top of the agenda will be Cooper Cronk’s move to Sydney.


The polecats are building nicely for 2017 but with Cooper Cronk now on the open market the Polecats will be looking to formulate an offer to secure his services.



Although the Polecats don’t have much surplus cash they are masters at looking outside the box when putting deals together.


Maybe a free pie and soft drink for a win and just a free pie for a loss?


What about only charging him half price for Rego?


He could Possibly be Captain, Vice Captain and Coach?


The opportunities are endless and the polecats would be mad not to look at Cooper Cronk as a possible inclusion for 2018.


The Pinder Report

“If it sounds like nothing, it probably is!”

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