The Story So Far…..

This week we take some time to reflect on the 2019 season so far and the job that is still ahead. This year was a rebuild for the Polecats, many of last year’s new recruits came down to play for the new coach Dennis Curry. The Polecats became a true family club again with many of the Coaches family joining the squad. But it was not an easy start to the season, As Coach Dennis Curry reflects.


“We started off competing in the Nines tournament which we played well up until our Main Weapon from our 2018 Polecats team (Cyrus Murray) was injured and taken to hospital with a suspected Fractured Skull. We lost our semi-final in the Nines and I was later informed that Cyrus would be out for the Season, as (Peter Lamey) our president rang me to confirm the bad news of the Injury. To me losing our best attacking weapon from last year’s team, for the season, was the worst start to the year I could have hoped for. Being my first year of coaching I took his injury pretty hard.”


Thankfully from a devastating injury came hope as the team galvanised and raised money for Cyrus. This was an initiative put forward by the coach and it helped to unite the new squad as a playing group.


“I made a decision from that point that any of my players that was injured during the season I would make it compulsory to raise money to help that player with any financial help we could raise.” (Coach Curry)


However, like many a season before the injury woes continued as more star recruits suffered major injuries. Despite this the group united once again and continued to raise money for the players as often they could not work due to the injuries. A tough mid-season win against Sydney University was the major turning point for the team according to Coach Curry.


“It was played like a semi-final game with both sides bashing the hell out of each other. We played with a new halves combination as we lost our playmaker Tori Willie for most of the start of the year with a hamstring injury. Big Deeza and Big Shy punched holes through the Sydney University defence all game and our OLD VETERAN Cranney Whacked Sydney in defence which set us up for a well earned victory. That win was the start of our Brotherhood.” (Coach Curry)


That victory came at a major cost for the Polecats as they lost their game breaker Joseph ‘Sefa’ Mapasua with a ruptured Achilles and in-form backrower Joel Bollard with a shattered scapula. Despite these setbacks the Polecats managed to pull out their best performance in the major semi-final against UTS to make the Grand final. However, the team is not being complacent and know the real job is on Saturday.


We end this story with the Final word from Coach Curry.


“I’ve enjoyed it a lot as a Coach and I’ve met players throughout the season who I now consider Brothers. I’m not going to thank anyone yet as my job as Coach isn’t done Yet!



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