‘Wandering’ down the memory lane of Pain

This week we look at some of Rugby leagues great rivalries:


The book of Feuds. A book created for South Sydney by owner and actor Russell Crowe. One of these feuds is played out every year vs St.George in the charity shield.


Up north in Queensland; Brisbane and the Cowboys have a furious state rivalry.


In the rest of Sydney its easy: Parra hates Manly, they even made a Tooheys beer commercial about it. The Tigers hate Manly, Melbourne hate Manly, North Sydney really hates Manly, (because they kicked them out of the competition), and everyone else hates Manly as well.


Such are some of the rugby league rivalries that come to mind when thinking of this week’s top of the table clash between the TAFE NSW Polecats and UTS Wanderer’s, the Manly of the competition. One thing is certain. If there was a Polecats book of Feuds, the UTS section would have to be in set in volumes, because there are too many to count.


The most recent feud was at last year’s semi-final, which saw UTS beat the Polecats to get to the Grand Final. Such was the intensity of the Semi-Final that it helped contribute to Sydney University winning the big game against UTS.


In 2017 the Polecats lost the second Grade grand Final to a UTS side, that they had dominated all year. But UTS had won second grade, only 1 more to go.…..


Enter; the Polecats First grade team. They came out and defeated the UTS side that had beaten them all year! The revenge was sweet.


This story seems to be a recurring theme between the two teams. The team that wins during the year is outplayed with the passion and the brutal aggression of their opposition. Both sides can be ambushed in the game that counts.


…But the rivalry between the Polecats Vs UTS goes back over 40 years. The rivalry has also survived the many name changes and identity crisis’s that UTS goes through every couple of years.


First it was the UTS Roosters. Then came the UTS Jets playing out of Henson Park. Then the longest stint was the UTS Tigers playing out of Leichhardt oval. Now we have a new affiliation, a new set of Jerseys.


That’s right, it’s the UTS Wanderers. One thing is certain you can change your jersey but it is still the same rivalry underneath. Hopefully the Polecats can check off their first ever victory over the UTS Wanderers, this week.


We may Change our Tertiary institution, but one thing you can count on is will always be Polecats. The Polecats have had the same colours ever since the late ex-Cronulla First grader John McMartin picked Cronulla colours back in the Castle Hill days. This selection was made whilst doing a forward roll through a raging bonfire. He came out with minor burns and without spilling his beer.


 That’s a Polecat Man for ya.


The Polecats will never change their culture and that is a winning culture. A never say die culture, and that is why we don’t change our colours or our Mascot. Come down on Saturday to see the next Chapter of POLECATS vs UTS.


Match Day Details
First Division: UTS Wanderers vs. TAFE NSW Polecats
Kick-off: 1:30pm


First Division: Macquarie University Warriors vs. Western Sydney University Ducks
Kick-off: 3:30pm


Ground: Macquarie University Oval
Hashtag: #POLvUTS

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