Back to the Vicar! Polecats announce Gold sponsor for 2024

The Polecats have secured the our gold sponsor for 2024 to be seen on all our jerseys. The Vicar will be the unofficial clubhouse of the Polecats this season as we host events and make this our after game venue. The History of the Polecats and the Vicar goes back to our foundation days Oakhill College of what was once known as the ACU Polecats.

Situated in Dural the renovated Vicar has come of age and is fantastic venue in the heart of the Hills at Dural that accommodates family, good food and great times with your mates. So many memories from old Polecats legends come to mind and we hope to reconnect with some our Old boys this year when we return after our annual Old boys day games scheduled for Saturday June 15th.

The Polecats will be donating our old Vice president Kieran Shanahan’s Jersey  along with our 2024 jersey framed. Displaying Polecats eras, old and new where the Vicar was and still is our major sponsor and venue of choice.  

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