Peter ‘The BBQ Man’ Richardson

Tell us a bit about yourself. Family? Kids? Where you live? What do you do for a living? Hobbies?

I live in Evans Head which has a population of about 3000. I am the local copper there and I would have to say it would have to be one of the best postings in the NSW Police Force. I have one daughter 10 years old and live with my girlfriend. I love travelling overseas, drinking beer and eating great food.

Full Name?

Peter John Richardson

Nick Name?


What years were you at the Polecats?

I think about 91 to 95. It was a bit of a blur.

What was your usual playing position?

Wing – Centre – BBQ

Whats the best memory of your playing days with the club? Biggest Highlight?

I invented the “Involuntary Spear Tackle”.

That when you run at your opposing play and just before he tackles you around the legs you jump as high as you can in an attempt to hurdle him. He then grabs you around the ankles and drives you into the ground.

I also ran the BBQ when I retired from playing. Well more like when Macca wouldn’t give me a run any more. The special on the BBQ was ‘Sausage Sandwiches cooked in the shape of Maccas fingers’ and a popular choice was the ‘Ipso Burger’. It was a burger cooked with attitude.

Who was the best player you played with at the Polecats?

Chris Thompson (Tommo)

Who was the team you loved to hate? (Playing against)


Who was the biggest pest at the club?

It would have to be Brett White.


He was a grog monster. I remember one night after a home game we got on the drink at the second club house where Ipso, Spoons and I lived which was across the road from the Vicker Hotel. I went to bed and woke up coved in spew. I looked over and there was Whity lying next to me. He told me that some random came in and spewed over both of us. Funny how the only spew on him was around his mouth. And what the fuck is he doing in my bed?

Who was your biggest influence at the Polecats and Why?

It would have to be Macca and Ipso. Both those blokes put their heart and soul into the Club in the early days

In hindsight, were you as good of a player that you thought you were? and why not?

Hell no. I was absolutely hopeless. I know this cause Macca would tell me every game. “Come on Richo you hopeless cunt”

The best bit of advice you have ever been given?

Don’t ever argue with Macca when he is pissed. He will punch you. I think after about the third or fourth argument I worked it out.

Who do you follow in the NRL?


If you were down to your last $10 what would you do with it?

10 bucks on Red.

Which person would you least like to sit next to on a plane and why?

Macca. He will punch you!

Whats the best sledge you have ever heard?

It would have to be some sort of comment about your mother.

And lastly…. will you be at the Legends of Polecats Reunion?

Shit Yeah

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