Wake up! The bed head Cup is coming back to Kellyville

It’s Official the Bed head cup is coming back to Kellyville! After many years being stored away at our arch-rivals UTS home ground. The remaining active rugby league clubs from the old tertiary league have come together to launch a new pre-season 13 aside competition which will be hosted at Kellyville on the 23rd of March. The teams nominated so far are;

  1. TAFE NSW Polecats
  2. Sydney University Lions
  3. UTS wanderers
  4. Macquarie Uni Warriors
  5. Newcastle Seahorses 
  6. University of Canberra Stars (grizzlies)

We are also looking to have women’s games as part of the schedule as well from UTS, Newcastle and Canberra. The enthusiasm shown by the the clubs involved has been fantastic and we were unlucky for CSU Mangoes had to pull out for a local comp commitment. We are hopeful that this can continue as an annual event going forward. The winner takes the University shield also affectionately known as the bedhead. Stay tuned as more details come to light

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